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A sample of our extensive experience

2021 November: Legal advice to The Lopez-Goyne Family Trust and others in an ICSID arbitration, under the DR-CAFTA.

The amount in dispute is confidential. The arbitration is ongoing.


2017 – Advice on the Development of the New Condominium Law

The Nicaraguan Chamber of Developers (Cadur) worked and presented to the COSEP a draft of a new Condominium Law. This will be the legal framework of the necessary local regulation that allows Nicaragua to be placed among the countries with the greatest progress in buildings, while promoting coexistence among residents and the proper administration of common areas.

2016 – Munguía Vidaurre Law Adviser on the Constitution and Execution of the Housing Project

Full advice was provided to the consortium of Nicaraguan and Salvadoran investors, consisting of Grupo Coen, Avance Ingenieros and Grupo Henríquez, throughout the pre-operation process, constitution and in a very short execution period all permits and authorizations were managed so that The project could start and also the Horizontal Property Regime that contains more than 900 lots was established.

2009 – Munguía Vidaurre Law carried out a Constitutional Litigation that declared unconstitutional the Final Part of the Art. 7.7.2 of the Electric Service Regulations

In sentence number 330 issued by the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice at 1:05 am on July 29, 2009, which in its resolution part referred to the following: “II.- In accordance with the Article 22 of the Protection Law; Articles 5 and 27 number 5 of the Organic Law of the Judicial Power, is declared inapplicable based on the Principle of Prevention and res judicata, the final part of article 7.7.2, of the Electric Service Regulations that reads: “The resolutions of the two previous instances do not inhibit the customer of the Electric Service, from resorting to the procedures established by the Consumer Defense Law (Law No. 182)”; Consequently, it should be submitted to the Plenary Court for ratification.- And in sentence No. 10 at 1:45 p.m. of December 12, 2009 issued by the Supreme Court of Justice in plenary, which declares the unconstitutionality of general application , that is, erga omenes, of the final part of number 7.7.2 of the electric service regulations, which was issued in order to know and decide on the declaration of inapplicability that the Constitutional Chamber had made of the final part of 7.7.2 of the electrical service regulations. In the pertinent part of the resolution part of said sentence, the following is indicated: “… The unconstitutionality is ratified in the specific case declared in sentence No. 330…. ”


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