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Valeria Paola Bojorge Urbina

Lawyer and Notary Public


Ms. Bojorge studied Law Degree at the Central American University (UCA), 2019 and has also completed in 2019 Training in Alternate Methods of Conflict Resolution – Commercial Arbitration – Chamber of Commerce of Nicaragua.

Professional Experience

From February – July 2017, she carried out pre-professional practices at the General Secretariat of the Central American Court of Justice, handling various Legal investigations on Integration, Foreign Trade, International Treaties and analyzing cases of Conflicts between the different States. Subsequently, from October 2018- March 2019, she granted her Professional Services for the Compliance Department of the Bank of Central America (BAC) in a project linked to the SIBOIF (Nicaragua). And from May-September 2018, she was a Fiscal Assistant in the Public Ministry of Nicaragua, directly with the head of the Appeals and Cassation Resources Unit, acquiring extensive experience in the Criminal Procedure. She is a member of Munguía Vidaurre Law since July 2019.

Practice Areas

Litigation, Alternate Conflict Resolution and Intellectual Property.