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Ingris Mariela Alvarez López

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    She has a degree in Public Accounting and Finance with a Mention in Auditing at the Technical University of Commerce 2018, her monograph thesis was carried out in Government Accounting with a degree of excellence; Likewise, in 2017 she obtained a Diploma in Tax Management at CADIN; Later, in 2019 she obtained a Postgraduate Degree in Financial Management at the Technical University of Commerce. Currently, as part of his continuing education, she is studying a Diploma in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship in Higher Training Programs Nicaragua.

    Professional Experience

    Starting in 2017, she joined our firm with more than twelve years of professional experience in the accounting area, developing the following functions: Formulation and Analysis of Financial Statements, in accordance with the Financial Information Controls and Standards Forms, Preparation and Calculation, review, analysis and settlement of Taxes of the regulatory entities: DGI-DGA-INSS-ALCALDIA and other taxes that relate the operational activities of the companies. Review of the payroll employees of the calculations of salaries and social benefits, Bank Reconciliations, Cash flow management, Management of multi-company accounting records, Treasury management and controls, accounts receivable and accounts payable.

    Practice Areas

    Accounting and tax issues